MULTITECH TEKNOLOJİ SANAYİ ve TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ Our company, which provides services in production, import and export of test equipments, aims to manufacture, supply, maintenance and repair of equipments in accordance with international and quality standards by keeping customer satisfaction in front of the customer with expert staff. Since the first day of its establishment, Multitech Technology has been aiming to develop continuously and by using advanced technology in the test equipment sector, it is making sure steps towards becoming a world brand by providing quality service to its customers. Our company, which targets perfection in all the business processes that continuously develop itself, is responsible for the expectations of the customers in the test equipments sector and offers the products with high reliability and quality in time for the consumer’s use in accordance with the standards. In addition to the test equipments, technical service, product development and software development of these devices are also carried out in our company. Multitech Technology provides products and services to end users as well as manufacturers and marketing companies in Turkey, as well as private organizations, government agencies and universities in Turkey. It is our basic principle to complete the committed work on time and according to the customer’s demands by keeping the qualified front line with well trained, experienced, attentive and dynamic engineer staff. We are committed to maintaining effective communication with our customers and sharing regular information flow and latest innovations of technology with our customers. Rapid and efficient service is also important in our day when the importance of accessing information, generating knowledge and using knowledge is no longer discussed. Our priority is to try to respond to this speed and flexibility in every area, our methods, our systems, our human resources, information systems with our infrastructure and our experienced cadres.

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